Support Our Community

The spring 2020 season has been canceled for all programs

As a club, we felt it was important to give people options. Please follow the steps below to indicate your choice from the options available to you (they will be presented to your during registration). Keep in mind that each program has its unique options to select from, so the options screen (intramural/interleague shown in this example) may not apply to you (Tiny Tykes, High Flyers, U9 Academy, Travel). The amounts will vary per age group, but each age group has the following options:
  1. Gift Cards to local establishments
    *A combination of $30 gift cards (and possibly one $10 one depending on the program) will be mailed to the address on file. Make sure your address (in Account Settings) is up to date. Each gift card will have a list of establishments where the gift card can be redeemed through Dec 31, 2020. One-time use only, no change given. 
  2. Store Credit
    * Store credit can be used for any future registration through this system, regardless of player in your household (so any player in your household will be able to use the credit), program (Tiny Tykes, intramural, U9 Academy, travel, interleague, High Flyers, or clinics), or redemption date (next season or the year after or any time in the future)
  3. Refund
    * Refund checks will be mailed to address on file, so make sure your address is up to date in the system (click on the Account Settings link to check/update). The refund will be issued to the original credit/debit card only if the original transaction took place less than 3 months ago.
  4. Donation to club
    * Let club keep money
To start, log into your online registration account at or click the Registration button in the navigation bar on this website (top of screen and left column)
(if you have problems accessing the site, try a different browser, or otherwise a different device. It works best in the Google Chrome browser on a PC).

1. Click the blue Register to Play/Participate button (see screenshot below)

2. Select your child and click the blue Register Now button (see screenshot below)

3. Click on the Support Our Community 2020 program and indicate the age group your child was registered for this spring season, then click the blue Register as a Player button

4. Indicate your choice from the options presented and click the blue Continue button

5. If you have another player to register, click the green +Register Additional Players/Volunteers button. Otherwise click the green Continue to Checkout button
Keep in mind that we're only able to offer this program to the first 2 children in your household as the third player already received a significant discount at the time of original registration.

6. Click the green Complete Order button

7. We will do the rest