The West Islip Soccer Club was founded in 1976, as a volunteer non-profit organization.  At that time there were only a handful of teams.  Now we have over 1,000 families and 1,500 soccer players.  We play at the Manetuck, Bayview, Udall Rd, Beach St, Higbie Center and High School fields on Saturday and Sunday.  The league continues to operate as a volunteer organization and is made up of several divisions as described below.  New parent info can be found here.

Understanding age groups
An age group is usually expressed starting with the letter B (for Boys) or G (for Girls), followed by the letter U (for Under) and then the age.  So BU6, means Boys Under 6 years of age as of January 1st.

Co-Ed U-5 Division


  • 4 year olds start in our co-ed U-5 division.  Games are about learning to kick the ball and have a lot of fun.  Five vs. Five on a micro-soccer field.  All games are played at the Manetuck/Udall fields on Saturdays, with occasionally a Sunday game.

Intramural Divisions

  • 5 year old kids also play micro-soccer, but move up to the U-6 division.  Here the kids learn a bit more about the game, while starting to work together.  There is a separate Boys Division and Girls Division.  All games are played at the Manetuck fields, on Saturdays, with occasionally a Sunday game.
  • The Intramural Division starts kids in team soccer, on bigger fields, drilling skills, and learning positions.  For the first time, a goalkeeper to protect the goal is introduced.  The U-7 & U-8 division consists of first and second grade age children.  There are separate divisions for the Girls and Boys teams.  All games are played at the Manetuck fields, on Saturdays, with occasionally a Sunday game.


  • Third and Fourth graders play together in the U-9/U-10 division.  The games are played on field sizes that are 75% of the full-size fields, with goals 75% of the full-size goals.  There is a separate Boys Division and Girls Division.  All games are played at the Manetuck or Captree fields, on Saturdays, with occasionally a Friday evening or Sunday game..

Interleague Division

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Interleague players are registered with the West Islip Soccer Club. The Interleague game schedules are run by Suffolk Soccer Interleague, and Interleague teams travel to other area soccer clubs to play their teams but are not considered Travel teams.

Confusing? Only a little.

At the U10 level and above, players wishing to participate in a more competitive environment have the opportunity to tryout out for one of the West Islip Soccer Club travel teams that compete in the Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL). LIJSL schedules the travel games, keeps scores and maintains standings.

There are however many players that want to continue their participation with soccer but not at the competitive level and commitment of the Travel program. The Interleague program is an opportunity for these West Islip soccer players to continue to play soccer.

At the older age levels (U11 and above) there may not be enough registered players to fill out a complete in-house age division. There are other area soccer clubs with the same situation. As a result, the West Islip Soccer Club and the other area clubs participate in Suffolk County Interleague, a program that takes these teams and puts them in age appropriate divisions. And due to the participation of the various clubs, the program requires the teams to travel the relatively short distances to nearby clubs.

The Interleague program is run as a recreational program in that no season standings are kept. In fact Suffolk Soccer Interleague also refers to the matches played as scheduled scrimmages instead of games.

Since the teams from the local area clubs will have varying levels of ability it is possible that during the scrimmages that one team could dominate. So that such a situation doesn't get out of control during these matches the Suffolk Soccer Interleague has a guideline that it refers to as the Five Goal Rule. This guideline has presented some confusion amoung the Interleague coaches. On its website the Suffolk Soccer Interleague discusses the intent of its Five Goal Rule.

For additional information on the InterLeague program go the the Suffolk Soccer InterLeague

Travel Division

Commitment is key on a travel team.  Travel teams work hard to advance their skills and knowledge of the game.  Playing other clubs travel teams makes for fun and provides a competitive atmosphere.  Travel teams typically range from under-10 years old (U-10) through under-17 years old (U-17).

Academy Program

Academy teams are for the U-9 age boys and girls who desire to play soccer in a more competitive setting.  The academy teams are formed in addition to the regular intramural teams.  The academy program gives players the opportunity to play extra soccer.

High Flyers
Soaring above the rest
Special kids doing special things.

The West Islip Soccer Club is pleased to provide a program for children with Special Needs. Many children with physical or mental disabilities will now have the opportunity to participate in soccer in a program that will enable them to play and progress at their own level. The program is designed for any children in the West Islip or neighboring communities with Special Needs.
The goals of the program are for the children to:

  • Have fun playing soccer
  • Understand the fundamentals of the game
  • Learn teamwork and fair play

We play each week for approximately 1 hour. Each session consists of two parts. The first half hour is spent conducting drills and mini games to teach the various soccer skills such as kicking, passing and shooting, as well as promoting teamwork by working with other children. The second half hour is a game/scrimmage. We split the children up each week based on age and ability and play a non-competitive game. There is no score kept and every team wins.

There will be a Fall and Spring season that will follow the intramural season. We also plan to participate in a tournament each season with clubs from other towns on Long Island with similar programs. This also is a non-competitive tournament that will enable the children to experience playing against other teams.

Please contact Ron or Gayle Maginniss if you have any questions at (631)587-1873 or at

Volunteers: The success of the program has been the participation of volunteers to help throughout the session. If you are in High School or know someone who is that would be willing to come down and help out these very special kids, please give us a call. Our Soccer Buddies help the children in a variety of ways, from assisting with the drills to helping individual players with a particular skill. For those seeking community service opportunities, a letter of accreditation will be provided.

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