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Winter Program for U7-U9/10 Intramural Players

posted Oct 22, 2019, 7:11 AM by West Islip Soccer   [ updated Oct 22, 2019, 7:20 AM ]
If your child is a current U7-U9/10 intramural player and is interested in playing extra soccer during the off-season (between the fall & spring seasons), you will need to register your child for the intramural winter program. The intramural winter tournaments/leagues are for those players who want to continue playing while there aren't any league games scheduled. It's extra soccer, and it's optional.

Registering for this program means you will be emailed to see if your child wants to participate in upcoming events such as indoor tournaments, practices, and/or a winter indoor league. 

Registering for the winter program does NOT mean that your child is automatically entered into any indoor tournaments or league. Only those who register for the winter program will be emailed about upcoming winter tournaments/leagues and will be asked if they're interested in participating. You can participate in as many or few tournaments and/or leagues if you want.

Based on the number of interested players for an event (such as a tournament), the coaches for that age group will determine whether or not to register a team (or a few teams) for that event. Please understand that your response to the emails determines whether a coach will have enough players or not to register a team. A coach usually pays for these events out of his/her own pocket and then collects the money from the players. Therefore only say yes to an event, if your child intends on playing.

There's a $25 administrative fee for winter registration.  This fee gives you access to age group practices with a volunteer coach throughout the winter (inside a school gym). There will be no additional charge for your child's participation in our own West Islip tournament in Feb. All other events are entirely optional. The cost for all other events will depend on the fee of these other events you decide to participate in and the number of players participating in that event. For example, if a tournament charges $300 per team, and there are 10 players participating on this team, each player is asked to pay $30. 

Adults interested in coaching need to Apply to Coach.

U10 travel players should NOT register for this program, as their travel team's coach will decide in which indoor activities they'll participate (as a team).

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Registration after Sunday, November 10 will incur an extra $5.