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U9 Academy Spring 2019

posted Nov 5, 2018, 7:10 AM by West Islip Soccer   [ updated Nov 5, 2018, 7:11 AM ]

The U9 Academy program is for players born in 2010, who want extra soccer in addition to their intramural soccer during the spring season.
  • You MUST be registered with the club's intramural program to take advantage of this program. 
  • Everyone who signs up is accepted into the program (as long as there's space). However, please know that LIJSL requires a minimum of 9 players and a maximum of 14 players on a team. Therefore we are unable to form a 2nd team until at least 18 players register. We are unable to place player #15, #16, and #17 until player #18 registers.
  • You play teams from other clubs in the Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL) travel program. Half of your games will be played in West Islip; the other half in towns on Long Island. 
  • Scores & standings will be kept. 
  • The $195 cost (after promo code emailed to eligible WISC members) includes academy style training, LIJSL team & player fees, referee fees, and paid professional coaching.
  • This program will not replace current team rosters or schedules. Intramural games are typically scheduled around the academy games to avoid conflicts.
  • This program will include extra practices and extra games. 
  • ALL communication will be done through email.
  • This program is for the Spring 2019 season.
  • Players who did not participate in the Fall program will need to buy a blue travel jersey
  • Our director of coaches Mike Reilly, who was voted New York state high school coach of the year, will be overseeing the program that he and/or his staff will be coaching this spring.
Register Now
Register by December 25 for the Spring Academy program. As long as we have the minimum number of players registered by then, we will be able to submit a team to the league (LIJSL). If we do not have the minimum number of players registered to submit a team, we will not be able to submit a team past our registration deadline.
If you did not participate during the Fall, you must submit a birth certificate to the travel coordinator, NO LATER THAN DECEMBER 25. The Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL) will not let you play without submitting this birth certificate. No exceptions. If you participated during the fall, you do not need to resubmit your birth certificate, since your birth date has already been verified by LIJSL.

Winter Program for U7-U9

posted Oct 22, 2018, 10:20 AM by Club Administrator   [ updated Oct 22, 2018, 10:22 AM ]

If your child is a current U7-U9/10 INTRAMURAL player and is interested in playing extra soccer during the off-season (between the Fall & Spring seasons), you will need to register your child for the winter program. The intramural winter tournaments/leagues are for those players who want to continue playing while there aren't any league games scheduled. It's extra soccer, and it's optional.

Signing up for this program means you will be emailed to see if your child wants to participate in upcoming events such as indoor tournaments, practices, and/or a winter indoor league

Registering for the winter program does NOT mean that your child is automatically entered into any indoor tournaments or league. Only those who register for the winter program will be emailed about upcoming winter tournaments/leagues and will be asked if they're interested in participating. You can participate in as many or few tournaments and/or leagues if you want.

Indoor Goal
Based on the number of interested players for an event (such as a tournament), the coaches for that age group will determine whether or not to register a team (or a few teams) for that event. Please understand that your response to the emails determines whether a coach will have enough players or not to register a team. A coach usually pays for these events out of his/her own pocket and then collects the money from the players. Therefore only say yes to an event, if your child intends on playing.

There's a $25 administrative fee for winter registration.  This fee gives you access to age group practices with a volunteer coach throughout the winter (inside a school gym). There will be no additional charge for your child's participation in our own West Islip tournament in Feb. All other events are entirely optional. The cost for all other events will depend on the fee of these other events you decide to participate in and the number of players participating in that event. For example, if a tournament charges $300 per team, and there are 10 players participating on this team, each player is asked to pay $30. 

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER (you can register your OWN child only)

Adults interested in coaching need to Apply to Coach.
Registration after Sunday, November 11 will incur an extra $5.

General Membership Meeting

posted Sep 14, 2018, 12:19 PM by West Islip Soccer   [ updated Sep 25, 2018, 6:08 AM ]

Find out what's going on in your club.
General membership meetings are open to all club members
  • Monday, September 24 @ 8:00 PM 
    High School Cafeteria
  • Monday, October 22 @ 8:00 PM 
    High School Cafeteria
All coaches should attend or send a team representative.
Assistant coaches are also encouraged to attend.
Coaches shirts will be handed out.
Special raffle prizes (raffle is free).

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