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President: supervises the activities of all club tasks, coordinates the work of the committees, and presides at all meetings

1st Vice President Registration: acts as an aide to the President and performs duties of the President in the absence of the President. Oversees club membership registration.

2nd Vice President Scheduling: responsible for all schedules, including intramural, tournament and officer of the day schedules

Treasurer: balances the books of the club, keeping a full account of all receipts and disbursements. Is responsible for processing payments and reimbursements on behalf of the club. Makes all bank deposits for the club. Is responsible for providing cash boxes for club events.

Recording Secretary: records minutes of the mieetings and maintains files.

Corresponding Secretary: sends notices of meetings and events, creates written documents for the club, assists in making copies of these documents, coordinates updates to the club website, sends emails to the membership and conducts correspondence under the direction of the President.