Executive Board for Fall 2017-Spring 2018 Season
Please remember that all Board members and Coordinators are VOLUNTEERS. When calling or leaving messages please be respectful to them and their families. (Phone numbers 631 area code except where noted)

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FunctionClick on Name to EmailTelephone
President Mike Lombardi 482-7649 
Registrar Joe Tobia 831-8839 
Schedules Scott Mauri 516-508-0635 
Treasurer Mike Rizzi 516-662-8652 
Recording Secretary Lori Meyers 245-0003 
Director of Referees Mike Rizzi 516-662-8652 
Advertising & Public Relations Geri Bearden 917-449-2122 
Coaches Development Chris Vail 514-9784 
Correspondence Secretary Lee Berg 662-5092 
Uniforms Mike Landri 587-2452 
Tournament Director Craig Miller 291-3187 
U5 (born in 2014) Josh Blumberg 516-770-2386 
U6 (born in 2013) Chris Walshe 848-9130 
Boys U7 (born in 2012) Brian Kopke 897-3077 
Boys U8 (born in 2011) Brian Kopke 897-3077 
Boys U9-10 (born in 2009-2010) Guy Schafer 872-6839 
Girls U7 (born in 2012) Paul Delgado 617-8463 
Girls U8 (born in 2011) Paul Delgado 617-8463 
Girls U9-10 (born in 2009-2010) Anthony Patricola 721-6503 
Travel U10+ (born in 2000-2009) Rob Grimaldi 457-9705 
Travel Assistant & Fundraising Rick de Vries 815-6789 
Interleague U11+ (born in 2000-2008) Tricia Greene 516-238-4419 
U9 Academy (born in 2010) Mike Reilly  
High Flyers (Special Needs) Ron Maginniss 617-0585 
Director of Coaches Mike Reilly  
Field Maintenance Rick Plouffe 678-1904 
President Emeritus Gary Kofski 234-7300 
Showing 27 items