The West Islip Soccer Club's involvement with its community does not stop at the soccer fields.
The club strongly believes in continuous community involvement.

West Islip Soccer Club Soccer Scholarship
Although a long supporter of the West Islip High School Scholarship program, in 2000 the Club sponsored the First Annual West Islip Soccer Club Soccer Scholarship. Scholarships were awarded to two Varsity Boys and two Varsity Girls scholar/athletes.  Find out more how you can receive a scholarship from the West Islip Soccer Club.

In recent years a number of students have been awarded scholarships:

Brooke Catalano
Tim Doherty
Carolyn Kohler
Victoria Koffsky
Kristen Krupski
Annie Lang
Gina Parisi
Kevin Riegel
Courtney Salatto
Evan Sigouros
Matthew Tonn
Jordan Villar

Devon Berg
Shannon Cronin
Grace Davidson
Kristin Gatto
Lauren Howard
Jaclyn Kirshbaum
Matthew LaMorte
Danielle Lombardi
Valerie Savino
Jacqueline Schweitzer

Robert Ulrich
Mackenzie Sarle
Jessica Ball
Katelyn Ball
Ryan Anderson
Zach Paquette
Paul Cama
Nicholas Schafer
Chelsea Brandt
Julia Sangiorgio
Shay Voor
Brandon Wanner

Debra Savino
Vincent Melia
Stephen Spataro
Zachary Kofski
Joseph Cairo
Marissa Lydon
Daniel Morley

William Flannery
Colleen Lamberson
Deanna Prate
Kelsey Davidson
Nicole Parisi
Maria Dimino
Leanne Schmadtke
Adam Barrett
Chris LaMorte
Shane Voor

Lindsay Aponte
Casey Sarle
Steven Cairo
Ashley Howard
James Messina
Daniel Piening

Giancarlo Coiro
Michael Prate
Melanie Segreto
Diana Lashinsky
Jacqueline Morley
Laura Reigel
Kelly Vollmer

Samantha Voor
Daniel Barbour
Michael Schafer
Christopher Messina
Rebecca Richman
Brian Jimenez

Elizabeth T. McNamee Memorial 5K Run
The Elizabeth T. McNamee Memorial 5K Run and One-Mile Fun Run/Walk was organized in 1999. The event honors a promising young law student from the community who died of heart disease in September 1998, and raises funds for research into hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart muscle abnormality, which took her life at the age of 24.

She was an integral member of the New York State Champion Varsity Soccer Team. She was a West Islip High School honors student before graduating and entering Harvard and, later, New York University.

McNamee had also been a player in the West Islip Soccer Club. The Soccer Club is a proud contributor to the Elizabeth T. McNamee Memorial Fund and encourages all Club members to participate in the 5K Run.

In May 2002 the West Islip Soccer Club, for the 3rd year in a row had full coverage at the annual Remembrance Walk. In 2002 the club walked in special memory of 2 coaches: Gina Eiseman, who lost her battle with cancer and Terry McShane, hero firefighter killed on 9/11/01 while rescuing others.

And in 2003 & 2004 the West Islip Soccer Club completed its fourth & fifth consecutive years of full coverage of the Remembrance Walk.

Always there to help,
the West Islip Soccer Club Family
is proud to be part of
the West Islip community.