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Practice Fields

For the Fall 2017 season, please note the following in regards to using fields for practice:

Manetuck, High School Turf Field, and Casamento: TRAVEL & INTERLEAGUE TEAMS ONLY 
(therefore no U5-U9/10 intramural teams).
Intramural (plus travel & interleague) teams can practice STARTING AUG 21 (only travel teams are permitted to practice before Aug 21) at:

 Location Starting Aug 21 Starting Sep 1
 Masera 4 PM - dark 4 PM - dark
 Udall Rd Middle School 4 PM - dark 5 PM - dark
 Bayview 4 PM - dark 4 PM - dark
 Bar X (north end of Higbie Ln) 4 PM - dark 4 PM - dark
 Higbie Center Not Available 5 PM - dark
 PJ Bellew Not Available 5 PM - dark
 Library Fields Not Available 5 PM - dark
 Beach St Middle School 4 PM - dark 5 PM - dark
 High School Turf Field *** TRAVEL ONLY (reservation) TRAVEL ONLY (reservation)

Casamento's back field (behind tennis courts) require online scheduling through travel coordinator. The club holds the permits for the front field of Casamento on Mon & Wed and therefore on Mon & Wed reservations are not required for Casamento as you can use the front field.

** Varsity boys have tryouts at Manetuck in late August, therefore space might be limited, but Udall will be available.

*** High school turf field requires online scheduling. The club typically rents lights for the turf field during the fall. Turf field availability times vary from day to day. Younger travel teams are encouraged to practice before sunset at different fields, whereas teams with school soccer eligible players need to schedule turf field use through the travel coordinator.

School teams have priority and usually are done by 5 PM. 

Spring 2017 Update on Practice Fields

Intramural (plus travel & interleague) teams can practice at:

 Location Starting Mar 13 Starting Apr 1
 Masera 4PM - dark 4PM - dark
 Udall Rd Middle School ** 5PM - dark 5PM - dark
 Bayview/Bridges Academy ** 4PM - dark 4PM - dark
 Bar X (north end of Higbie Ln) 4PM - dark 4PM - dark
 Casamento Front 4PM - dark Not Available
 Higbie Center ** Not Available Not Available
 PJ Bellew ** Not Available Not Available
 Library Fields ** Not Available Not Available
 Beach St Middle School ** Not Available Not Available
 High School Turf Field * TRAVEL ONLY TRAVEL ONLY

Casamento back field and High School turf field require scheduling through travel coordinator.
** School teams have priority and are usually done by 5PM. 

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

West Islip Soccer,
Sep 22, 2017, 9:01 AM