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    Executive Board for Fall 2013-Spring 2014 Season
    Please remember that all Board members and Coordinators are VOLUNTEERS. When calling or leaving messages please be respectful to them and their families. (Phone numbers 631 area code except where noted)
    Executive Officers
     President    president@westislipsoccer.com
     First VP, Registration    registrar@westislipsoccer.com
     Second VP, Scheduling    schedules@westislipsoccer.com
     Treasurer    treasurer@westislipsoccer.com
     Recording Secretary    records@westislipsoccer.com
     Public Relations Director    pr@westislipsoccer.com
     Corresponding Secretary    correspondence@westislipsoccer.com
     Director of Referees  Michael Lombardi   667-2855  referee@westislipsoccer.com

    Section Coordinators
    Age Group Coordinators
     High Flyers (Special Needs)  highflyers@westislipsoccer.com
     U5 (8/1/08-7/31/09)  U5@westislipsoccer.com
     U6 (8/1/07-7/31/08)  U6@westislipsoccer.com
     Boys U7 (8/1/06-7/31/07)
     Boys U8 (8/1/05-7/31/06)  BU7-8@westislipsoccer.com
     Girls U7 (8/1/06-7/31/07)
     Girls U8 (8/1/05-7/31/06)  GU7-8@westislipsoccer.com
     Boys U9-10 (8/1/03-7/31/05)  BU9-10@westislipsoccer.com
     Girls U9-10 (8/1/03-7/31/05)  GU9-10@westislipsoccer.com
     U9 Developmental 8/1/04-7/31/05  developmental@westislipsoccer.com
     Interleague (U11+) before 8/1/03  interleague@westislipsoccer.com
     Travel (U10+) before 8/1/04  travel@westislipsoccer.com
     Asst Travel & Fundraising  travelassistant@westislipsoccer.com

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